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Piscifun Fishing

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Dark Green super strong PE braided fishing line (100M, 10LB)

Dark Green super strong PE braided fishing line (100M, 10LB)

Dark Green super strong PE braided fishing line (100M, 10LB) Rating:
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Eligible For Free Shipping

Dark Green super strong PE braided fishing line (100M, 10LB) - Product Description

Material Line Length strength Line Diameter
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 6LB 0.10MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 10LB 0.14MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 20LB 0.20MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 30LB 0.26MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 40LB 0.32MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 50LB 0.36MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 60LB 0.40MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 70LB 0.44MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 80LB 0.48MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 90LB 0.50MM
PE 100m/300m/500m/1000m 100LB 0.55MM
Super strong fishing line, suitable for sea fishing and freshwater fishing, ideal for fish enthusiast.
Exclusive long lasting color process.
Light and resistant to water absorption.
Thin diameter offers accurate casting.
Ultra powerful with high energy.
Superior abrasion resistance.
Ultra sensitive with near zero stretch.
Super strong Four strands of braided line.
Color´╝ÜDark Green
Length: 100M 300M 500M 1000M
Line Capacity: 10LB 20LB 30LB 40LB 50LB 60LB 70LB 80LB 90LB 100LB

Dark Green super strong PE braided fishing line (100M, 10LB) - Details

  • Color-Lock coating technology - casts farther, lasts longer
  • Bravefishmen fishing line special process Fluoropolymer- Treated microfibers
  • Tough and round to prevent diggin-in on reel Ultra sensitive with near zero
  • PE Microfiber construction is strong, smooth and round
  • awesome abrasion resistance.

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